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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is the right age for plastic surgery?

The right age for getting any plastic surgery depends on the individual person & the overall health conditions. Generally, a person above 18 years is considered as the right candidate for these types of surgeries. Your cosmetic surgeon decides whether you are eligible or not for cosmetic surgeries only after studying your case.

2. What things to consider before planning for cosmetic surgeries?

Real Expectations from the surgery. Cosmetic surgeries are done for the following reasons-

  • To improve your look
  • For some medical reasons
  • To recover from any damage due to an accident or trauma.

A cosmetic surgeon can make you feel better from the outside. Your Inner happiness solely depends on how you feel inside.

3. What things you should check about a cosmetic surgeon?

  • Is he licensed and certified?
  • How long has he been in practice?
  • What is the feedback of patients who have undergone these surgeries?