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Buccal fat pad reduction

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Buccal fat pad reduction in Nashik

buccal fat pad reduction in nashik vaginal tightening in nashik

 Dr.Dayananda L.M offers services for Buccal Fat pad reduction in Nashik.   

Let’s discuss the Buccal Fat Pad Reduction procedure in detail.

The buccal fat pad (BFP) is found anterior to the facial muscle and deep to the musculus buccinator. it’s a specialized fat tissue in the physical body. The buccal fat pad flap is associate degree axial flap and should be accustomed fill small-to-medium sized soft tissue and bony defects within the roof of the mouth. superior and inferior alveoli and buccal mucous membrane.

The presence of buccal fat pad is somewhere advantageous throughout oral and external body part procedures, in patients of the third age; like to recommend the removal of the buccal pads before scheduling a surgery of facial ageing to avoid the looks of “weight gain” and therefore the facial softness.

The buccal fat pad may be a specialized variety of fat that facilitates the contractor movement. it’s situated within the masticatory area related to the muscles of chew, superficial to the SMAS and covers the orbicularis oculi, the feature and therefore the muscles of the elevator. it’s adherent to the skin and tolerate the feature ligaments.

Extends laterally on the facial muscle muscles and therefore the buccinators muscle deep to the plane of the passage salivary gland and branches of the facial and extends forward to the facial vessels. Medially, may reach area pterygopalatine associate degreed an extension is superficial to the muscle and connective tissue is separated from the fat of the package of the deeper level of the temporal fascia.

It presents the main body and four extensions from the region up to the cheek, passing through the malar feature tunnel and therefore the pterygoid mandibular area. The body and therefore the oral extension contribute to the contour of the cheek.

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