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Buccal fat pad reduction

Buccal fat pad reduction in Nashik

Some people find their cheeks so full & chubby. A buccal fat removal is a surgery that is used to thin the cheeks.
This procedure removes the pad of fat in the cheek hollow area. It presents the main body and four extensions from the region up to the cheek, passing through the malar feature tunnel and therefore the pterygoid mandibular area. The body and therefore the oral extension contribute to the contour of the cheek.

A buccal fat reduction procedure enhances the person’s facial appearance.

Who may get benefits from this surgery?
1. Whose cheeks have excess fat deposits
2. Whose cheeks are bulging
3. Whose cheeks or sagging
This procedure requires usually minimum incision inside your mouth. It gives a very natural look with no visible scars at all.

Symphony Clinics offers the latest treatment options related to Buccal fat pad reduction.

Buccal fat pad reduction in nashik | Plastic surgeon in nashik

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