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Gynaecomastia Treatment

Gynaecomastia Treatment

Gynaecomastia is a health problem in men occured due to hormonal imbalance.When a female hormone – estrogen is exceeded in the men than the male testosterone, the male breast is enlarged. In this condition, breast tissues become swollen which may cause a discomfort in men about their breasts. This breast enlargement is not reduced by exercise or losing weight.Actually one should not confuse gynaecomastia with the extra fat on the breast due to being overweight or obesity.

So in this case,surgery is usually the only option. This Gynaecomastia surgery is also known as ‘Male Breast Reduction Surgery’. Gynaecomastia may affect men at different stages of their age- after birth, at puberty or at mid-life.

During diagnosis , your surgeon will evaluate the overall health to know the root cause of enlarged breasts. If the gynecomastia is due to extra fat on your breast, liposuction technique alone may be used. Excisions techniques are used where the large glandular breast tissues is reason behind gynaecomastia. Sometime both the techniques are used in combination for better results. Some athletes & bodybuilders also face gynaecomastia due to the pro-testosterone supplements or rigourous exercise which increases the level of testosterone than normal. In this situation,male body releases specific enzymes which in turn may increase other hormones causing breast enlargement in bodybuilders.

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